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Posted on: 7 decembrie 2007

Miel Van Opstal, Enthusiast Evangelist, Microsoft EMEA

Being an evangelist means you support and promote a certain technology. The birth of this funny term is closely linked to Guy Kawasaki, a cool dude that used to work for Apple and which I admire. Yet, this doesn’t wash away the ridiculous aura of the name which goes sky-high when it’s juxtaposed next to „enthusiast”, creating the impression of a brainwashed hyped-up individual. „I am John the Evangelist and I am here to reveal the infinite wisdom of.. iPhone.”



Miel is one of them. He is an „enthusiast evangelist” for Microsoft. Snicker-snicker. Excuse me. Although embracing the profoundly mature and authoritative title, Miel seemed to be a down-to-Earth realistic common-sensed guy, yet with a bit of a unstructured speech. He talked about online identity and how that implies notebooks of passwords, about FRAM (friendly spam) and how that can drive you on the verge of bursting out with affectionate fury.

Candid: „I won’t point any finger because I don’t know where to point.”

Related to the Marketing issue, Miel pin-pointed a sum of do’s the agencies & companies should keep in mind:

  • one company, one blog: don’t confuse the audience

  • open communication

  • no more fake promises to clients

  • one agency channel

  • „Pull, don’t push” (get the consumer to come to you, don’t suffocate)

  • „Would I like it if..” (empathise)

  • be respectful towards people

A rather unspecialised and non-powerful speech, with generalist touches. But he was cute and.. enthusiast.


Radu Ionescu, Managing Partner, Kinecto


Radu came like a storm and tried to telegraphically powerpoint a lightning message, stripping his speech off of all the unnecessary babble and starting launching simple and concise ideas flying in the room. 10 web 2.0 tools for advertisers:

  • tools to build

  1. used generated content (e.g.: Lipton)

  2. blogging for companies (in terms of „feedback” and „support from readers” – e.g. trilulilu)

  3. publishing (focus on content; e.g.: configureaza.ro – IT tips&tricks)

  4. video (e.g.: Business TV)

  5. endorsing (channel interest from advertising to contextual marketing, image association; e.g.: UPC and morse.ro)

  6. viral campaigns (e.g.: Budai Beer)

  • usage of existing channels

  1. social networks

  2. listen (observe virtual reactions and keep in mind web-feedback)

  3. participate (answer any kind of +/- interaction from clients)

You can ask Radu what the 10th tool was. :-)


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5 răspunsuri to "Netcamp (2)"

Compared to Hugh, I get off the hook pretty well I think :) Nice write-up! I hope ‘some’ things will help you out in the future, and if there is anything you need or I can do to help you out with, please drop a line. See you around, gloh-bally :)

Hey, Miel. :) Wow, this whole global thing *actually* works. Thanks for dropping by.

Congratulation for your presentation, I didn’t get the chance to tell you this in my post, I was too busy being ironic. :) I kept in mind some of the things at the conference, surely it was time well spent.

Also, thank you for being kind. Whenever you get the chance to come by again, let us know, it would be a pleasure to watch you in action again. :)

Have a nice day, enthusiast evangelist. :)

:) You tooooo ! :)

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