Netcamp (4)

Posted on: 13 decembrie 2007

The last suite of speakers went a bit too specific on us. Talking about the new economical reality, they tried to portray the online opportunities and successful business models today. A lot of numbers and mathematical sweet-talk in our ears.

Nir Manor, CEO Onmax-Emerp

Nir, lovingly observed from the public by his enchanting wife, delivered a message regarding a series of key-points in online marketing. Holding two case-studies up as examplificatory panels, Nir talked about the idea of incumbent unit as a valid business alternative (Exhibit no. 1: online brand turned into classical newspaper; Haaretz & The Marker) and about the concept of involving the client in the business process, of creating demand and a sense of safety (Exhibit no. 2: iForex.com, a financial service supplier: self-activation for new clients, discounts for online registrations). Must admit I got lost on the way.

Mădălin Matica, Director of European Operations, DotCommerce

Short assertion from the moderator: there are two important concepts in online business:

  1. always stay on beta (and I give you.. Google)
  2. work on progress

He later suggested a book title worth every word read: „Founders at work: Stories of startups’ early days”.

Mihai Crăsneanu, founder, Grey Juice Lab

Mihai talked a bit about entrepeneurship and ways to do it with online grace. He defined the main coordinates of the success problem:

  • defining what you want to be
  • careful about placement (scarcity = attention; Spiderman3 and Sony, sitting in a tree..)
  • solve a problem better (gmail or hey, hey, wait a minute, Mr Postman?)
  • be your first customer
  • think outide the customer segment (as Esther Dyson said, web 1.0 equalled nodes, but the 2.0 is all about the qualified connections, all about the supremacy of the Link)
  • do more, better, earlier; don’t be impressed by America (..?! I must admit, I blushed with shame hoping that no-one else in the room heard the undignified and gratuitous comment)
  • find new ways to do business (take a look at the bold decision of Rupert Murdoch, WallStreet, to replace paid subscriptions with free access)
  • move into the Internet cloud

It all goes under the umbrella of two possible business models:

  • find & solve a problem
  • be appealing to the world
  • sell


  • find something cool
  • create & spread a problem

The general pattern is to create value for someone, to monetize and to afterwards invest for more value. Long live k-ching!

Oana Şolcă, Web Shop & Web Care Marketing Manager, Orange Romania

And the super prize of YAWN with frosted cherry on top goes to Oana! Good job, gurl, you were an inspiration for all the lads and ladies out there who thought they could never get on stage and read from a screen some elaborated results and intricate graphs they did in gymnasium at a boring Math class. e-payment, online sales, credit-card payments, web care, statistics, yearly evolution. I feel like I know Orange better than I know the insides of a lady’s Gucci bag. One should never know this much information. One will never *need* it.

Dragoş Mănac, Lead Operations, SNS

Thank God for Dragoş! With his daisy fresh tone and a dettached confident manner of speech, he managed to bring some common sense on stage. With a sizzling ironic touch and pleasant episodes of humour, Dragoş talked about how one could go miserably wrong online. Stating that „vision without execution is halucination”, what he tried to do was to give a more practical aura to the whole theoretical side of an online business.

  • partnership (choose the right people)
  • technology (try consistency: ability to use the same platform for many aplications)
  • consultants (look for experience)
  • communication
  • resources (have a full and honest financial picture)
  • success (learn the management of success)
  • focus („The best thing that can happen when you have a great idea is to find another one”)

And then NetStartup came.

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Good review of NetCamp !

Thank you, Mădălin.

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