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A parallel action, held under the same umbrella as NetCamp, NetStart-up was a competition for ideas of online business. Throughout the day, 20 such projects were presented, debated and evaluated, in the end only five of them entering the grand finale. Must admit it was a bit of a frustration not being able to attend both events. Yet, recently someone said it’s a sign of quality and top-class organizing to put up several events at the same time and place in order to give the audience an alternative. For me, it was a haaard choice, but I had to go with NetCamp.

1. Cătălin Teniţa, No Prime Time

NoPrimeTime is a distribution system for ads integrated into online video content. It’s implemented, it goes well, good for them.

2. Emanuel Gal, Vertimo

Presented as a „project made out of ambition” [condenscendent giggle] as to prove that good shit can come out in 20 days, Emi’s project is an agregational system of rental ads, sewn up from various such sites. It detects duplicate and expired ads, it’s kind enough to look for you (through e-mail alerts or RSS) and it’s the ombelico del mondo for people interested in renting a place. If only it would be better taken care of by its innitiators as at the present moment it’s a bit chaotic in its results, thus unusable.

3. Alex Brie, maibun.ro

An interactive network revolving around social places and the feedback regarding them, born out of Alex’s need to „know where to take out his girlfriend„. Unfortunatelly, it seems a bit of a redundant project on an online scene already hosting such sites, as metropotam or sapteseri. Good luck to him.

Brie, Gal & Oane

4. Vladimir Oane, CaptainGo.com

A service that responds to the need to find a hotel and make reservation without headaches. A good ship with a rotten smell on the sailor department. Vlad, with his fellow pirate sidekick Lavinius, looked as if they owned the island and were surprised to see that people were actully questioning their idea. Maybe someone should tell them, over a glass of rhum, that you can’t be a bitch with a jury or with the audience. When you try to sell an idea, you undress yourself by all the spasms of arrogance and irreverence. When you’re on the stage, making a presentation, the rule is „the other one is always right” and „accept feedback, don’t fight it”.

5. George, eRepublik.com

eRepublik is, and I quote: „a massive online multiplayer simulator of a nationalistic world”. A bold project, but which requires great attention in the intricacy segment and the scalability issues.

The jury was represented by five brave Internet specialists (what does that even mean?):

  • Rachad El Jisr, fondator, iMedia
  • Calin Fusu, Managing Director, Neogen
  • Orlando Nicoara, Managing Director, MediaPro Interactiv
  • Mihai Seceleanu, Managing Partner, InternetCorp
  • Vlad Stan, Managing Director, Vodanet

Moderator: Bobby Voicu, Blogger & Consultant Blogging – Does he have this written on his business card? Is this what Mr Bobby presents himself as? „Hi, I’m Bobby and I’m a blogger and consultant blogging„. „Uhm, hello to you too, I am X and I have a life & occupation that *do* exist„.

Matched against a set of criteria the jury took into consideration (team, potential market, aplicability, monetization, presentation), the project of our good ol’ skipper Vladimir was considered to be most suitable for a successful implementation and a future investing, also suitable for receiving the 1000 euros prize and some credit. Goodluck to them, may they grab some communication skills and a bit of modesty on the way.

There goes. This was NetCamp. Good job, guys, thank you, Cristi. It was an interesting event. Another folder of nice memories is now closed.

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